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Mátrametál Kft. is a large corporation with over half a century of history, employing 350 people. Until early 2018, the main profile of the company was the manufacturing of aluminium tubes and aerosol cans. Reliability, professional know-how, satisfying individual needs, and taking good care of our customers are at the heart of our operation and success. There is no better proof of our colleagues’ competence and dedication than the company’s achievements on the international scene, as we successfully market our aerosol cans and tubes in 33 countries around the world.

The Mátrametál Kft. creative team contributes to the graphic and industrial design of the products envisioned by our customers. Our colleagues are available to assist customers in designing images for lithographic printing, which requires an especially high degree of know-how.

Our company places great emphasis on an excellent customer experience. Taking good care of our customers means keeping close contact with them, meeting deadlines strictly, as well as handling the information that crops up in daily operations efficiently. The aim of our business policy is a long-term partnership and development based on innovation.
The manufacturing of our high-quality aerosol cans and tubes is guaranteed by cutting-edge raw materials, our excellent team of professionals, our modern production lines and our quality assurance systems. Our 54-year history, as well as our successful performance and sales in highly competitive international markets, all testify to our company’s reliability and the quality of our products. The quality of our aerosol cans and tubes is guaranteed not only by our humble and exceedingly diligent work; we also meet strict quality requirements. In line with these expectations, Mátrametál Kft. holds ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and HACCP quality assurance certificates.

We are proud that, thanks to our successful operation to date, in early 2018 we launched our new pressure die casting division using aluminium alloys.

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Aerosol can

The aluminum aerosol cans for decades in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and household chemicals popular packaging tools.

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Aluminium tubes are an indispensable packaging material in the cases of cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products…

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Aluminum die-casting

Recognising the ever-growing market demand for die cast aluminium parts, in 2018 Mátrametál Kft. launched its new aluminium die casting division , that’ why we can produce new, unique aluminum products.

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Customer service

Mátrametál Kft. has paid special attention to serving its customers since its founding.

Quality managment

Quality management systems such as: MSZ EN ISO 9001;2015, MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015 and HACCP.


Important to us that you receive your ordered products safely and on time!

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