It is an enormous responsibility and, at the same time, a great source of pride and joy for me to be able to manage Mátrametál Kft., with its more than half a century of history. The fact that we can make the appearance of products on the market better and safer with the environmentally friendly packaging materials we manufacture drives us to expand the circle of our partners and provide them the highest level of service possible.

Thanks to our successful operation and dedicated colleagues, at the beginning of this year we were able to launch a new division, i.e. aluminium die casting, which, we expect, will contribute to the further growth of our company.

The heart of our business is aluminium!

Lovas Ferenc

Executive Director

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Customer service

Mátrametál Kft. has paid special attention to serving its customers since its founding. We are aware that the mere fact that we produce a good product is not enough for success! In order to have satisfied customers, good service is equally important.

Quality managment

Quality Management Systems MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015, MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2015 and HACCP


Mátrametál Kft. is aware of the fact that delivery requires special organisation and care. Besides the quality of our products and services, our customers place equal emphasis on the safe and timely delivery of their orders.

Our plants

Aerosol can

The aluminum aerosol cans for decades in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and household chemicals popular packaging tools.


Aluminium tubes are an indispensable packaging material in the cases of cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products…

Die casting

Aluminium die casting is a special die casting method whereby the molten metal – in our case, an aluminium alloy – is “injected” at great speed into a mould (tool) with the help of a piston.

Our partners

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