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H-3332 Sirok , 1002/7. P.O.B.:10

GPS coordinates:

N: 47,906139 ; E: 20,206315

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+3636 361 377

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What’s the easiest way to get to us?

From Budapest, take the M3 motorway in the direction of Nyíregyháza, leave the motorway at the Nagyfüged/Ludas exit at the 90 km mark, then drive on in the direction of Ludas. Drive through the town. At the roundabout, take the first exit in the direction of Miskolc, and get on main road no. 3. Drive on towards a town called Kápolna for approximately 14 kilometres. After passing the fixed speed camera in the center of Kápolna, turn left in the direction of Verpelét/Tófalu. Following the main road, you will reach Verpelét after approximately 12 kilometres. As you drive through Verpelét, cross the level railway crossing, and after approximately 100 metres take a right turn in the direction of Tarnaszentmária/Sirok. Drive through the town of Tarnaszentmária in the direction of Sirok. Once you reach the town of Sirok-Kőkútpuszta, at the intersection in the center, turn right at the sign saying Mátrametál Kft. A further drive of about 3 kilometres will bring you to our company.

From the town of Eger, take main road no. 24 starting at Kisasszony temető and drive through Egerbakta in the direction of Sirok for approximately 22 kilometres. Once in the center of Sirok, pass the Sports Hall on your left, and approximately 300 metres later you will come to an intersection, where you will see a sign reading Mátrametál Kft. Take the road on the left for approximately 4 kilometres, and you will have arrived at our company.

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+3636 361 377