Aluminium die casting division

The pillars of Mátrametál Kft.’s successful international performance and effective business policy are an innovative way of thinking, an openness to new technologies and continuous development. We consider it a challenge to apply and implement the newest technologies in a manner that links them in some way to our existing, tried and tested methods.

As a result of this way of thinking, recognising the ever-growing market demand for die cast aluminium parts, in 2018 Mátrametál Kft. launched its new aluminium die casting division.

In the case of this new division, the link to our existing technology is aluminium.

About the technology

Aluminium die casting is a special die casting method whereby the molten metal – in our case, an aluminium alloy – is “injected” at great speed into a mould (tool) with the help of a piston. The tool may have one or more chambers, depending on the dimensions and geometry of the casting. As the temperature of the tool is significantly lower than that of molten aluminium, we get a relatively short congelation time. Thanks to the specific characteristics of the die casting method, the technology is suitable for the efficient manufacturing of large series.

The congelation process takes place under high pressure, ensuring that the metal is free from gravitation (which is negligible), thus we can manufacture castings with thin walls at tight tolerances. The method offers a great opportunity to produce highly specified goods with a high degree of size stability, thin walls and complicated geometry.

Advantages of the technology:

– It is an efficient casting method for mass production;
– Parts with thin walls and complicated geometry can be manufactured accurately;
– Castings with a high length-thickness ratio can be manufactured (compared to other casting methods);
– There is minimal need for remachining after casting, thus we can cast almost-finished parts;
– It offers excellent strength values;
– A relatively high number of casting alloys can be used/cast with this method;
– The surface of the castings thus produced can be coated using various methods with minimal preparation;

Where we are now:

Our continuously expanding and updated machine pool currently has 2 horizontal IDRA automatic cold-chamber die casting machines with clamping forces of 420 and 700 tons.

Moreover, continuous manufacturing is ensured by melting pot furnaces with capacities of 750 and 150 kg/h, and holding furnaces with capacities set to match these.

For remachining the castings efficiently we have a four-axle two-palette Chiron machining center, two hydraulic presses, an abrasive blaster and a vibration grinding machine at our disposal.

We are continuously improving our product and tool development capabilities. Our engineers use Siemens’ NX CAD system for designing; for casting simulations we use the ESI/pro Cast software.

With the above equipment, we are able to manufacture castings weighing between 0.1 and 4 kg.

With our facilities and staff of professionals, we can output a yearly casting capacity of 1,500 tons.

If you have any questions, please contact with our expert

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