Mátrametál Kft. is aware of the fact that delivery requires special organisation and care. Besides the quality of our products and services, our customers place equal emphasis on the safe and timely delivery of their orders. We therefore place at least as great an emphasis on our delivery processes and their coordination as on the quality of our goods and services. Our company is situated far away from the borders of Western Europe, in a picturesque valley in Northern Hungary. Due to our remote location, we know that we have to provide optimal delivery conditions and solutions if we are to keep our competitive edge. We have set up our delivery processes keeping in mind that we must not lose our competitive edge, whatever new road tolls may be introduced or however high fuel prices may rise. Thanks to our optimised solutions, we can offer our customers favourable delivery conditions despite the ever-increasing shipping costs one sees on the market.

In order to provide favourable conditions, we work with shipping partners who appreciate and understand our challenges, our commitment to quality service, and who will do everything possible to ensure that shipping costs will not endanger our market position. Our shipping partners give us all the support that enables us to strengthen our partners’ trust in our company, thereby increasing our customers’ satisfaction.

Our colleague responsible for organising and coordinating delivery processes is Zaránd Betembuk. We are convinced that Zaránd does his very best to ensure

Should you have any requests or inquiries regarding deliveries, do not hesitate to contact our colleague at the following:

Zaránd Betembuk

Shipping Planner