Aluminium tubes division

Aluminium tubes are an indispensable packaging material in the cases of cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products, and in all applications where it is a must that the substance should not come into contact with air either before or during use. Aluminium tubes completely exclude the possibility of diffusion, and they offer protection against the harmful effects of light and UVB radiation. Furthermore, during use, once the consumer has squeezed out the required amount from the tube, thanks to the fact that the latter keeps its shape, there will be no vacuum in the packaging product, it will not suck any air back, thus the product remaining in the tube will not be exposed to oxidation. These unique characteristics allow finished products in the tubes to perfectly maintain their original quality, even in the long run.

The aluminium tube is an elegant, easy to use, practical and modern packaging material, while at the same time being 100% reusable. Our company places special emphasis on maintaining and improving the customer experience and satisfaction over the long term. To that end, our highly experienced professionals are continuously working on the innovative development of products and manufacturing technologies. Our aim is to realise all our partners’ ideas, within a short deadline. The key to the success of Mátrametál Kft. lies in the careful handling of customers. Our customers’ satisfaction is the result of our keeping direct and close contact with them, of meeting their individual requirements quickly, as well as of our commitment to quality.

Manufacturing technology

Our cans and tubes are both produced with cold extrusion technology. During shaping, we press the pre-manufactured aluminium disc through the shaping tool using a force of between 100-150T. Thus we arrive at the desired cross section and shape, in our case an unannealed blank raw tube. Following this phase, the product is cut to shape, the tube mouth is created and the thread is pressed and annealed. In order to prevent contact between the aluminium wall of the tube and the product, the inside of the tube is covered in a special internal lacquer, taking into consideration the chemical properties of the product to be stored in the packaging. The lithograph is printed on the outer surface, and the closing cap is put into place. As a final step, a rubber strip is put on which will ensure the entrance of air and safe closure after filling and closing.

The advantage of the volume-conversion technology is that it is highly economical and – from the point of view of manufacturing – efficient. The most common materials used in extrusion are carbon steel and compound steel (both with varying carbon-content), copper and aluminium. At Mátrametál we use aluminium with a purity of 99.7% to produce aluminium tubes.

Our annual manufacturing capacity is 130 million aluminium tubes.

Based on our over half a century of experience, we can confidently say that besides the advantageous technical characteristics of aluminium tubes, the lithographic elements printed on the tubes, i.e. graphic design and quality, are also highly important. Regarding the above, we have always paid special attention to satisfying individual needs. From the point of view of graphics, every expectation is unique, every graphic detail has a huge significance. That’s why we consider it so important that the shape, design and graphic details envisioned by our partners should be fully reflected in the manufactured product. Our mutual goal, set with our partners, is that the finished products on store shelves should appeal to end users.

The daily use of the lithographic technology that we employ requires immense knowledge and experience. The lithography carefully prepared by our graphic designer colleagues and approved by our customers is printed onto the products with dry offset technology. Some of our graphic designers and printing colleagues taking part in this phase of the manufacturing process have over 20 years’ experience in this field. We can thank them mostly for our high level of customer satisfaction.

Our sizes range from aluminium tubes with a diameter of 13.5mm through 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32 and 35mm up to tubes with a diameter of 40mm. The volume of our products accordingly varies from 4ml to 200 ml.

The finished tubes are packaged neatly in cardboard and plastic boxes. Please click here for more information about the products.

We are convinced that the outstanding quality, safety as well as the modern and varied appearances of our aluminium tubes guarantee a very high level of satisfaction on the part of our customers as well as consumers.

If you have any questions, please contact with our expert

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